Postcards from Étretat

Salut !

So since my school is now in full-speed and I have spent all my weekends travelling and not studying, I will keep this post short text-wise and instead shower you with pictures that, in my opinion, could all very well be postcards because OMG it was amazingly beautiful!

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Ireland: The Wild Wicklow Tour

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like guided tours. I’m like a cat who does whatever she wants to do and whenever she wants to do it. However, for the first time (or at least first time after school class trips) I opted for a guided bus tour and headed to the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.

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Ireland: Fine dining in Dublin – The Pig’s Ear

Hi foodies,

Here is my first food-related post. I really enjoy dining in new places and I thought that I should treat myself (hello Parks and Rec fans) and experience some fine dining in Dublin. Dublin is PACKED with food places, there is one on every corner. In fact, Tripadvisor lists about 2000 restaurants in Dublin! So I did some serious research and found this gem called The Pig’s Ear.

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