5 Spots of Natural Beauty to Experience in Africa

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Is there anywhere more magical on Earth than Africa? With its sweeping plains and majestic wild creatures, it’s tough to imagine a rival when it comes to natural beauty. Today, let’s run through five areas where you’ll be able to travel for a natural experience unlike any other.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro

You’ve probably heard the name before, but have you ever really thought about taking a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro? The largest mountain in Africa isn’t just for climbing. You’ll also be able to visit the magnificent national park that lies at the foot of this behemoth.

Amazingly, as Act For Libraries points out, every type of ecosystem imaginable currently exists in the region. Cultivated land, rain forest, moorland, alpine desert and an arctic summit make this one of the most naturally diverse places in the world for terrain.

2. The Red Sea Reef

Make sure you get to see the brilliance of the Red Sea Reef while you still have a chance. This area was once illuminated with bright colors stretching as far as the eye could see. Things are very different these days, with coral bleaching beginning to have an impact.

This has happened as a result of global warming causing waters to increase in temperature. The reefs, unable to cope with this change, began to die. As of right now, some of the brilliant colors still remain. Check them out before it’s too late.

3. Serengeti National Park

In the heart of Tanzania lies the breath-taking Serengeti National Park. This gigantic area stretches out across over 14,000 square kilometers and is home to countless wild animals. As Audley Travel highlight, this is also the location of the famous Great Migration.

This natural phenomenon sees thousands of wildebeests traveling between the reserve and the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. It is believed this happens because of the changing conditions in grazing land. Regardless, it’s a spectacle which you can’t afford to miss out on in your lifetime.

4. Okavango Delta

Found in Botswana, this humongous mass of natural beauty gives visitors the chance to experience almost every kind of safari creature imaginable. In recent years, the area has grown to become one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Africa.

Such is the recent popularity of the area, it’s been named in the seven natural wonders of Africa – just like the rest of the spots in this list.

5. Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

You’ve probably seen a picture of the Avenue of Baobabs. The trees have been around for centuries, lining both sides of a dirt road which links Morondava and Belo Tsiribihina. These rare and ancient baobab trees are spectacular, especially at sunset.

It’s sure to be one of your most memorable sights in Africa. Although, for the locals, it’s a pretty normal sight as they carry on their daily lives. Many are happy to strike up a conversation with visitors.


Make sure you check out these dreamy natural spots on your next adventure.

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