Dreamy Pink Blossoms at Notre-Dame de Paris

Kliki siia, et näha seda postitust eesti keeles.

I just could not keep these pictures to myself.

Honestly, spring is my absolute favorite season in Paris and it keeps getting better. I know I made a similar post last year, but I just had to share some pictures from this year. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS there.

I recommend everyone to visit Paris once in springtime. The thing is, you can never really predict when the trees will bloom. Last year it happened around 1-5 April, this year 2-3 weeks later. However, I’m pretty sure that if you visit anytime in the first two weeks of April, you’ll see some blossoming trees. Good thing is that every place has different blooming time. So the whole April is filled with beautiful sights. 🙂

Make sure to go early in the morning to take photos without many people in the background. It gets really busy during the daytime. Plus, morning light is the best for photography too!


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    1. August on mõnus, hästi soe (vahel lausa kuum), kõik on ilus roheline ning pargid on täis lilli. Ma ei tea, kas see on sinu jaoks pluss või miinus, aga sel ajal on Pariisis vähe kohalikke elanikke – suvel on kõik linnast ära. Aga selle asemel on jällegi rohkem turiste. 🙂

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