Magical Gowns in New Cairo Backyard

Kliki siia, et näha seda postitust eesti keeles.

Nice to do something other than working and studying for a change…

This time I collaborated with another beautiful dress boutique in Cairo. When I visited their shop in New Cairo it was love at first sight. Sooo many gorgeous long gowns. I think I tried on at least 30 in the end. You must go and visit them! They are located at Downtown Mall.

We took so many dresses with us for the photoshoot but unfortunately the sun set before I could try them all on. Thanks for the owner though for this opportunity and letting us use her beautiful backyard.

To be honest, it’s not so easy to model in dresses like this. It’s a hustle to get them on, it’s really hot to stay in them for more than 2 minutes and in the big ones, you cannot really move.

I mean especially the wedding gowns here. The owner wanted me to model for one of her personal bridal collection gowns as well. Of course I said yes. I seriously have no idea how these Egyptian women do it! These gowns must weight at least 10kg, they have huge constructions under there and many kilos of fabric with pearls, embroidery and stones on it. It’s really hard to just walk in them, not to mention dance or move around any other way. I could not even fit through a regular doorway for God’s sake. But these gowns are NORMAL size here in Egypt. Nobody wears anything less than this, only more. Strong women I must say!

Anyways, enjoy!

Dresses: The Boutique

Photos: Novy Lestari Magne

MUA: Radwa Zahra



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