Running Around Cairo in Gorgeous Gowns

Kliki siia, et näha seda postitust eesti keeles.

So I’m sharing a couple of photos from my photoshoot in Cairo a couple of weeks ago.

All dresses are from Dress Berry. Big thank you to the sweet owner Menna for this cool opportunity.

Photos are by Amira Abdelrazek, thanks for running around the town with us. It was one crazy day!

So it’s actually really difficult to do a photoshoot in Cairo in a public place without A) being harassed by the authorities B) being harassed by people on the street. Especially when you go with a crew of 6 people and wear fancy gowns. People think you are doing a major commercial photoshoot and try to get something out of it. The first photo location completely failed as the authorities had closed all the routes to it because of some event happening. You never know in this city.

So instead of our initial idea, the first photos were taken in a local mosque, actually not inside of it, as I felt a bit uncomfortable and we got in a bit of trouble, although the photographer assured me that even local muslim women take photos in historic mosques without headscarves on. Anyways, it became clear fast that the mosque idea is not going to fly, so we tried to take some photos in front of it, on the street, instead.

I think we got some good 10 minutes before authorities started to show up to question if we have paid for this licence etc. The photographer and boutique owner had to go to a small booth with these men to be interrogated about what is going on. Safe to say I was quite nervous, hoping that we won’t get in big trouble. I didn’t even have my passport with me at that moment since I was doing visa processing. They managed to get out of it without any financial costs, but the men weren’t friendly and wanted us to go.

So we were left on the street with only an hour of sunlight and to more dresses to go. We had to come up with new locations super fast and consider that getting from point A to point B in Cairo takes basically forever. Oh, and there was the issue of changing clothes. I needed some help with changing into these dresses and it’s not like that there are many places for changing clothes in Cairo. The first one we had to change in the mosque kiosk! I was just crossing my fingers nobody will come up to the kiosk.

Anyhow, we decided to continue in Zamalek, a small island in the Nile river, that is a bit less conservative. We took two different cars to the island and I had to do some extra fast changing at the owner’s apartment. Ok, dress on, what now, where to go now? We drove around the island, looking for a place, but it’s not particularly easy. Every time we saw a place that looked decent, the locals wanted to get money for it. Basically if it looks like you have money then they will ask for it. We had about 2 minutes to take photos in this dress on a bridge before they started asking us extra questions. And then it got already dark.

Everyone was tired, and it was damn hot. The sun was setting, we had been too slow. But we figured while we are already there, let’s take some last photos in the dark. There were some men with horses there who let us borrow them for photos and the locals were extremely curious of us. But we got a couple of good ones. And that was a wrap!

I’d love to say that it would be good to be better organized next time. But to be honest, you never know in this city what difficulties you might face. It was definitely an experience!


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