Cherry Blossom Season in Paris

Kliki siia, et näha seda postitust eesti keeles.

I have now seen Paris in all four seasons and spring is my absolute favourite.

End of March and beginning of April is the time in Paris for cherry blossoms. For me it’s something so wonderful, because I have never really seen so many cherry blossoms in my life. In Estonia, spring is rather quiet and modest, here it’s absolutely the most romantic thing in the world.

The best places to see them are Grand and Petit Palais, Jardin Anne-Frank, Eiffel tower area, Parc des Batignolles and later in the month, Parc de Sceaux. This time I decided to see the ones around Notre Dame. I went there early in the morning so it wouldn’t be filled by tourists. And oh my gosh. They took my breath away. I will share some of my favourite photos with you here.


Jacket and lace top: Zara


Earrings: Parfois

Shoes: Linea



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  1. Nii ilusad pildid! Ja muidugi teeb tõeliselt kadedaks see, et Pariisis saab käia seeliku ja kontskingadega kirsipuid imetlemas, samas kui siin Eestis veel lund sajab 😀

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