Photoshoot – Friends Like Family

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“That’s when I realised what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you. The imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you. Because that’s what people are supposed to do.”

Me, Merka and Marii know each other for many years – 7 if I’m correct. We have gone through so much – joy, heartbreaks, laughter and bad arguments. We have shared an apartment, we have shared our lives. Marii already lives in the States, I am moving to Paris in 3 days and only Merka will stay here. Even though we will be scattered around the world I know we will sustain. Because you are not just my friends but also my family.

foto-2 modified

Marii had her birthday some while ago and me and Merka thought that what would be a better gift for her to take back to the States with her than good memories and great photos. We organised a full day for her and it was a surprise. The itinerary went something like this:

Make-up and hair -> Cake and coffee at Krempel cafe -> Photoshoot! -> Cinema -> Fast food and Bachelorette binge watching (I know it’s rubbish but it’s so entertaining!)


Photos: Iren Mõttus aka I’M ART – do check out her page! 

What I’m wearing: Yellow dress – H&M; black stilettos – H&M; jeans – Cortefiel;
white top – Atmosphere; pink stilettos – Promod; bracelet – Fossil

foto-8 modified foto-11 modified foto-13 modified foto-38 foto-24 foto-32 foto-28 foto-34 foto-53 foto-49 modified foto-121 modified foto-114 modified foto-94 foto-96 modified foto-132 modified foto-150 modified foto-154 modified foto-161 modified foto-166 modified foto-167 modified

Love y’all!


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