Prepping for Paris

Kliki siia, et näha seda postitust eesti keeles.

10 days to go until I move to Paris. My ‘favourite’ part awaits – packing!

In the past 2 years I have been travelling quite a lot – therefore I’m not stressing too much. However, this is different. I have never lived away from Estonia for more than 6 months at once. This time we are talking about two years. Nevertheless, I am TRYING to pack as light as possible. I am taking my essentials:

  • Macbook– it’s fast, trustworthy and gets everything done;
  • iPhone – for obvious reasons, although I am temped to buy a newer one;
  • documents – starting with my passport and ending with everything else (birth certificate, school admission etc) because that’s what I learned in Bordeaux, the French might ask for all of it;
  • wallet – again for obvious reasons, but I love that my Ted Baker is so small that it doesn’t take up too much space;
  • weekly planner – I can’t live without my weekly planner, writing things down on paper works so much better for me;
  • glasses – I am pretty much blind without my glasses;
  • travel camera – My Fujifilm x30 is perfect for travelling because it’s light, it has a sturdy case and it has wifi which lets me transfer photos without a laptop in sight;
  • a notebook – got to write down all my good and not so good thoughts;
  • French dictionary – for obvious reasons, this Oxford one is in handy mini size;
  • photos – I always take some memorabilia from home with me, this time I decided to use Boft Instagram printing machines.
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Instagram printouts using Boft machines
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Lovely notebook gifted by Kristin

The biggest thing I’m worried about is my French. Although my school classes will be fully in English, I really need to master French during these two upcoming years in Paris. That’s mostly because most of my dream jobs require a good working knowledge in French. So far I have studied it for 1,5 years, which means I am not completely clueless, but I am scared to speak and I lack some vocabulary and grammar skills. Fortunately I will have French classes in school and according to my calculations, by the end of these 2 years I should be at least B2 level in French, which is exactly what I need.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Fujifilm x30 travel camera and Oxford mini dictionary
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Wallet – Ted Baker; glasses – Versace; UN weekly planner

And of course, I have far too many clothes. I could pack a whole suitcase with just my dresses in it. So I am giving loads of clothes away and probably trying to sell some too. Because I know I am going to want to shop in Paris. I mean, come on.


Rest of my time in Estonia I am planning to spend with friends and family. Next post is probably (hopefully!) about my new apartment in Paris.


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  1. Ma ei jõua ikka veel ära kiita, kui imeliselt tubli Sa oled! Usun, et keel on Sul ka kiiresti suus… Oeh ja aeh, no oled Sa alles võrratu! Palju-palju edu ning loodan, et leiad ikka aega postitamiseks! 🙂

    1. Nii armas Sinust, Liisa-Andra! Tõesti tore, et niiviisi kaasa elad mulle. Annab palju enesekindlust juurde. 🙂 Ja ma tõesti plaanin regulaarse postitamisega jätkata ning kirjutada nii oma uuest elukohast, koolist, linnast üldiselt, elustiilist, niisama stiilist jms.

  2. I’m loving the regular content – and I’m looking forward to reading all about your travels around Paris. 😀 Out of interest, what camera were you using to take a photograph of your camera? And do you already have plans on what you’re going to be visiting around Paris?

    1. Thank you Kevin, that’s kinda’ the whole idea – this time I am determined to keep it regular. 🙂 I used my Canon EOS D1100 camera which I will probably also bring to Paris with me. I will use Canon when taking lifestyle photos in Paris and Fujifilm when travelling around in France and elsewhere.

      Not sure yet what I want to see in Paris – I am more worried about my apartment, bank account, new phone number and all these necessities atm. Once I am done with those I have time to start enjoying Paris as well. 🙂

  3. Elan Sinu tegemistele kaasa ja palun jätka jõudsalt nii blogimise kui ka fotograafiaga – mõlemad kukuvad suurepäraselt välja!

    1. Suur aitäh, Britta! 🙂 Rõõm kuulda, et sulle meeldib ja kindlasti jätkan samas (või veel paremas) vaimus ning loodan, et sa jätkad ka mu postituste lugemist. Kertu xx

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